The owner started out driving truck 16 yrs. Ago, through his journeys across the states he managed his way through the trials and tribulations that all drivers do, from blow outs to major break downs. After several years of driving and gathering information, he decided he was going to take his experience and he opened his Frieght company. With the goal in mind to not only have a successful business but to be an understanding an empathetic boss never forgetting where he came from. After several years and achieving his goals, he had another opportunity surface in which not only his experience as a driver but also now the experience of the owner of a trucking company he opened Prime Truck Trailer Repair Inc. Here he could provide swift, professional, quality service at a very reasonable rate keeping the drivers on the road and safe and the owners out of bankruptcy from costly repairs. With the parts shop carrying over 90% parts in inventory it allows for faster turnaround time on repairs. Upon Opening Prime Truck Trailer Repair Inc, he is the first to offer state of the art 3D alignment for tractors. The repair shop offers a variety of services from PM services to computer diagnostics to major repairs. With the newest addition Prime Tyre Inc, he is providing quality tires at phenomenal rates and broadening the horizons from not only retail but also wholesale.

Parts Department:

Our parts counter reps are the face of the company, with their vast knowledge of parts and mechanical workings they are focused 100% on customer satisfaction. If you are looking for something specific that we don’t have in stock trust and believe they can find it. Not sure what exactly a part is show them a picture or describe it to them and they will have the answers.


Our Mechanics are the muscle of the company, they are hard working and focused on providing top notch service and getting the trucks back on the road in a timely manner. From the minute they begin working whether it be plugging a tire to a major repair they are inspecting all aspects of the truck or trailer so that there are no safety concerns and to identify possible areas of concern to avoid major problems. The mechanics are certified through FMCSA and have multiple years of experience.

Accounting and Marketing:

They are the movers and shakers of the business, if you have questions, they have answers. They are the quiet ones just tapping away on the computers. When you put this team together, they make the Prime Family!!!

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