I-Shift Transmission Fluid




  • Designed especially for heavy duty truck transmissions; compatible with Volvo iShift, Mack mDrive, ZF, MAN, and many others
  • Designed to provide extreme drain intervals, up to 500,000 miles, in heavy duty, manual truck transmissions
  • Protects against gear scuffing, pitting, and adhesive wear allowing for outstanding transmission longevity and significantly lower maintenance costs; very high oxidation resistance prevents fluid thickening in high operating temperatures, preventing the formation of sludge and lacquer on transmission parts
  • Very low pour point allows instant lubrication of all transmission parts, preventing startup-up wear even in the coldest conditions; excellent viscosity retention throughout its life, without shearing and offering continuous protection; contains an exceptional state-of-the-art detergency pack with no reactive sulfur to prevent synchro corrosion
  • For use in heavy duty manual transmissions where API GL-4 service level is desired; compatible with Volvo, Mack Man and Scania heavy duty highway trucks requiring compatibility with Volvo iShift and Mack mDrive requirements as well a wide range of heavy duty on highway ZF transmissions and other commercial vehicles and cars requiring an API GL-4 service gear oil


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