DT12 Transmission Fluid


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  • EXTREME DRAIN INTERVALS – 500,000 miles for heavy duty trucks and passenger cars. 750,000 miles for Class 8 highway trucks.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE: Unrivaled shear stability and longevity. Meets and exceeds API GL-5 and Limited Slip requirements and a very wide range of specifications across multiple OEMs.
  • EXCELLENT WEAR CONTROL – Up to 62% less wear vs OEM Specifications across various standards. EXCEPTIONAL LOAD BEARING CAPACITY – Exceeds the highest load test rating, Stage 14.
  • WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS – Hypoid and Ring Gears, Differentials, Limited Slip – Heavy Duty Highway, Passenger Cars, Heavy Duty Off-Road, Racing / Drifting. Will not shear under extreme torque. Features exceptional power transfer under extreme conditions. GREATLY EXCEEDS EP AND AW TESTS FZG AND L-37 – Proven protection far beyond spec requirements, delivers excellent EP (extreme pressure) and AW (anti-wear) performance in a wide range of LS and NON-LS gear systems, with hypoid and other gears.
  • TRUE SYNTHETIC WITH PAO – This is a true synthetic formulation with PAO base oil. Dont be fooled by cheap products which advertise themselves as Synthetics but have a VI Index below 160 and freeze at -30F and a very limited specification range.


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