How Prime Tyre Shop Became a Go-To for Truck PM Services

How Prime Tyre Shop Became a Go-To for Truck PM Services

There is an abundance of tire shops across the United States, not to mention within California. However, there is something that sets Prime Tyre Shop apart from the rest. From relatively contemporary practices in Preventative Maintenance (PM) Services to ultra-new concepts, like a modern way of performing a 3D alignment of your vehicle, Prime Tyre Shop has it all.

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The Prime Tyre Shop Story

Cross-country truck driving is undoubtedly an extreme sport. Genius plans with groundbreaking ideas are formed sometime along those long yet stressful and pressure-inducing drives. At least, that is what happened to our founder.

At the wee age of 16, our founder drove trucks for freight services across the United States of America. Often presented with the heavy traffic issues blowing up in his face at the worst moments with little to no service provision or amenities, he pondered solutions and more efficient ways to manage freight services.

He had experienced firsthand all possible consequences that interstate-bound truck drivers faced. He was also painfully aware that these workers were sometimes unrightfully penalized for such problems. But more importantly, he knew that shipments and cargo delays caused a chain reaction of financial loss in the long run. Delays that could easily be prevented with the right type of services.

That is when our founder started his own Freight Company. With regulations that prevented truck drivers and other employees from taking penalties for unpredictable mechanical failures and breakdowns, he created a system where they faced no consequences for such events. He also fine-tuned freight services by ensuring that trucks received careful preventative maintenance, eliminating such issues altogether.

Seeing a greater need for proper Preventative Maintenance (PM) Services for both commercial and private trucks and its lack thereof, he founded Prime Tyre Shop.

How Prime Tyre Shop Became a Go-To for Truck PM Services

Meet The Team

Our teams form a collaborative, hand-in-hand shopfront, ensuring the best quality services that help keep your truck in prime condition for as long as it’s on the road. Although the Prime Tyre Shop team is one big family, we’re divided into three major savior types; The Mechanics, The Parts Department, and the Accounting and Marketing teams.

While many may think that our FMCSA-certified mechanics are the main stars of the show, they more appropriately fulfill the role of being the backbone of Prime Tyre Shop. Each team holds its special trait that sets us apart from other commonplace tyre stores.

Our Specialty: The Full PM Service

It’s a popular saying, “Better safe than sorry.” Our PM service holds this saying as a Holy Grail.

Repairs on technical breakdowns are costly and time-consuming, even for relatively minor issues. But why wait to find and address a problem in your truck only after it has incapacitated it?

Prime Tyre Shop’s Preventative Maintenance (PM) Services allow us to nip any prevailing or arising problems in the bud, keeping you stress-free regarding your vehicle. In case of a part replacement, we always have an elaborate inventory at hand. To support the upkeep of your truck, we hold 90-day and annual inspections, addressing prospective problems even before they arise.

The highlight of our maintenance services is our trendsetting and progressive 3D alignment, the first of its kind across The United States of America. Our servicing methods put older, more traditional, and error-prone methods out of the frame.

How Prime Tyre Shop Became a Go-To for Truck PM Services

Freight Services

Prime Tyre Shop gained its recognition and name for its distinctive freight services. What makes these services unique is meeting shipment dates and deadlines without fail. Our brand is built around leaving trucks without time off the road and running at maximum capacity and health. Our shipment trucks never age a day, so your shipments never delay even by a minute.


The American market catering to heavy vehicle traffic is saturated. However, that does not necessarily mean they will meet clients’ eye-to-eye on all fronts; time, service quality, and repair durability. It goes without saying that these three fronts are our specialty, and we can guarantee results, efficiency, and satisfaction like no one else around here can.

Are you looking to book your next truck review and maintenance appointment? Check out Prime Tyre Shop for a one-stop-shop experience that turns your truck into a work of art!